I love you


They tried to tell you your biggest organ

Wasn’t light enough

They tried to whitewash your gods

And made it difficult to recognize the

Devine in us

They tried to tell you,

you are not objective enough for science

And sometimes that turned in to silence

But I see myself surrounded by woke woman

That are starting to see

That those lies burn down in the face of our legacy

I am surrounded by strong black woman

Who are no longer killing their hair

and whitening their biggest organ

I am surrounded by healers,

Cause it was a black woman who

Told me,

You find your forehead to big

Can’t you see it shaped like all those queens in Kemet?

I am surrounded by queens that know their worth

Queens that carry their soul not under their arms but in their hearts

I see you Re:thinking politics,

Dipsausing radio

Decolonizing museums,

And every step you take

Brings your daughters and nieces and sisters

Back to the core of their being

I salute each and every one of you

I see you

And I love you


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